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"Go with love to the fields. Lie easy in the shade. Rest your head in her lap."
- Wendell Berry

Early Girl Farm was named after a BLT made by a dear friend and farmer, Dale Haubrich, my first year on a farm. We worked all morning, checked the tomato plants and found the first red, ripe summer tomato.
We came home dirty and hungry, turned on the skillet and, with the riches gathered from fields of friends, began cooking. We crisped bacon and then shitake mushrooms...toasted bread and smeared it with mayonnaise...sliced the tomato thick and sprinkled it with salt and pepper...layered all these treasures on the toast and topped it with peppery arugula from the field.

Then we sat in a 100 degree kitchen in total silence..except for sounds of chewing and grunts of satisfaction. We ate with tomato juice rolling down our arms in total bliss.

"Early Girl" stands for the realization of a food fantasy that has been carried from season to season...year to year.

All winter we dream of the farm and the realization begins in spring... the first pea, sprig of dill, sorrel, tender green...and then a dreamy deluge of tomato, sweet pepper, string bean, berries, corn, melons, greens, garlic...on and on....

Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality, organically grown produce possible. We want to help you realize your food fantasy from the first bite to the last.
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